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If you are an experienced off roader or 4X4 enthusiast, you probably know and understand the difference between a winch out, a snatch rope or a towline. In fact, you most likely have the first two on board. For the general public, there is a basic lack of knowledge as to the proper use of all three. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding as to how and when each product should be used has led to serious personal injury and even death. So, when you find yourself stuck in the First Coast sand or mud, give ASAP Towing a call. We can safely remove your vehicle from harm’s way and get you back on the road.

Since people have been killed or seriously injured when using recovery ropes, dozens of consumer advocacy groups have warned motorists about using (or misusing) snatch ropes and towlines. But, there is a lot of misinformation out there and confusion as to what type of tow ropes should be used for a particular situation. Generally speaking a tow rope or towline is simply a heavy duty line attached to one vehicle to tow another. Most often tow ropes have metal hooks or fasteners on either end for ease of connecting the vehicles. However, this hardware can be very dangerous especially if misused by trying to snatch a stuck vehicle from the sand or mud.

Well-made snatch ropes or snatch straps do not require (and typically do not have) heavy metal hardware at the ends, thus eliminating the danger of flying projectiles. Where a tow rope or winch line starts out taunt between vehicles, a snatch rope has slack. As the pulling vehicle takes off the line becomes taunt, then stretches slightly to produce a rebound effect that helps to dislodge the stuck vehicle. On the other hand, a tow rope or towline should always be taunt before the pulling begins. That said, there are many restrictions for using tow lines on Florida roadways and Interstate highways. So, the safest bet for transporting a vehicle any distance is to call a reputable towing company.

If you are not experienced at removing a stuck vehicle from the mud or sand, it is always best to rely on the professionals at ASAP Towing for a “winch out”. We have the right equipment and know how to get the job done safely without endangering you or your vehicle. Plus, when you’re stuck on the beach or along the mouth of an Intracoastal waterway, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on incoming tides. So, when you don’t have time to waste, call ASAP. We are always here whenever you need us, 24 hours a day.